Monday, September 24, 2012


So I wrote last about the second vegetable bed I was going to install.  My friend Vanessa came over yesterday and together we ripped out the volunteer tree that kept coming up in my planting area.  My back is feeling it this morning, but we were successful!

We covered the area in thick cardboard and placed the bed I built on top.  Just to make Brian Gallimore happy, I leveled it before we added some half finished composted leaves in the bottom, and then filled it with soil.  I still need to mulch around the bed, but it was getting late and I decided that could wait.  We managed to get everything planted, and cleaned out the garage that I had stuffed with all of my materials.

The side pieces that will hold the hoops are already prepared, so they will go on in the next few days, and then we'll just have to set up the drip irrigation.  Done!


shelley colquitt said...

now it is time to come over to your very dear friends house and help her get her garden started!!!!

Trish said...

Pick a spot :-)