Grow Where You Are!

I'm in a discovery phase of my life.  I feel more and more that we need to live in concert with the world around us, using what we have and sustaining ourselves simply.  This blog is a place to explore ways to create value around us in the way we relate to food, community and the earth.  

I'm a mom and a gardener.  I spent years in the military, eating what I now know to be unhealthy food and getting vaccinated regularly.  After I had my son, I developed some health issues and my doctor's response was always a pill.  I started reading and researching, and decided I'd rather pay a farmer than a doctor.  This is my journey to better health through what I eat and how I live.  My goal is to try something new every week - a recipe, an exercise, a technique for handling pests in the garden...I'm open to new ideas!

One of my favorite quotes reflects my personal philosophy:  Nothing will ever be accomplished if all obstacles must first be overcome before we start.  I'm not perfect but I'm willing to try new things.  
I'm not a doctor.  Some of the things I've tried haven't worked, but others have made a big difference.  Do your research, find out what works for you.  I urge you to start with the food you eat.  
Trish Percy

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