Monday, October 1, 2012

My Patience is Rewarded

So we built and planted that new bed for my fall garden a week ago.  I'm not a terribly patient person, so you know that I've been checking it daily for sprouting seeds.  Pretty much everything came up, but this weekend we had several inches of rain.  It was a fabulous rain - slow and soaking, and it went on for about 16 hours.  Happy day!  Even the carrots are up...tiny little threads poking up from the soil.

Snap Peas
I found this lovely cucumber this morning!

The rest of the garden is perking up as well, now that the weather is changing.  I love fall gardening!


hollyk said...

Your pictures are great! I love fall gardening, probably most of all.

Holly Ross

Trish said...

Fall is my favorite time! So much easier than summer!