Tuesday, January 22, 2013


In December, I was looking forward to the New Year.  I was going to schedule some time for myself.  Time to work in the garden.  Time to organize my office.  Time to meditate...

Now, January is racing by at the speed of light. It feels as if there's been no time, although I have turned off the radio in the car and used my driving time to collect my thoughts and slow down.

My most important resolution this year is to be more mindful.  A small resolution that encompasses so much...paying attention and cooking meals with care, rather than throwing things together.  Picking up after myself so I don't have to go back and tidy up later.  Making sure my boys know how much I love them every single day.

I started doing the dishes by hand after Christmas.  My husband likes to drop his dishes in the sink.  "They need to soak before they go in the dishwasher", he says.  When you work at home, and your house always seems messy, it's very distracting.  So I commandeered the dishwasher, and used it as a dish drain.  My sink was empty and clean.  It was liberating!  A small step.

Another part of this process for me is to reduce clutter. To have only those things around that are functional, or very important to me.  Not just stuff.  And all of a sudden I have bare surfaces in my house.  Surfaces that are easy to wipe off, to dust.  Again, liberating.  I feel as if the ''stuff" in my life is no longer holding me hostage.

It's interesting to me how small changes in our daily habits can change the atmosphere in our environments.

I'm on my way :-)

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