Thursday, October 10, 2013

Never enough...

Do you ever feel inadequate?  As if there is just NO WAY you could do what these bloggers do and still have a sane, productive life?  That's where I'm at right now.

I'm heading in a different direction.  One that enhances my life rather than making me feel guilty for not doing more and crazy when I do.  I'm looking for those sustainable actions that add value to my lifestyle, and benefit my family and community.

I've been working in a small garden with an ESL program at my church, and developing a community garden project there as well.  Pivotal moment:  After we planted the children's garden, my little gardeners all took their parents by on the way home to see what they had planted.  In a few weeks, we'll start cutting the greens and lettuces and use them to provide a salad for the children.  All in the interests of showing them what real food looks like and where it comes from.

I'll post pictures soon - it's not finished yet, or pretty (yes I want it to look fabulous) but this picture was the inspiration for the project:

So cute!  And of course, over the top when you compare it with ours.  We went with hand prints instead of spots so the children could help paint, and they love that it's theirs.  

I think everyone should be involved in a community project of some type.  It benefits the those in your area, helps you to get to know your neighbors, and develops a sense of community for your children - and that's the part I think is the most important.  

Okay - here is the finished picture - I think it turned out well!

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