Monday, July 29, 2013

Too Many Tomatoes

We've all had this happen.  You plant just one more tomato plant, because, you know - there's a little more room and it's a shame not to use it....then BAM!  You've got a bucket of tomatoes sitting on your counter and no time to do anything with them.  Let me help you.

A few years ago I spent several weeks furiously canning tomatoes, peaches, and jams because I didn't want anything to go to waste...and I realized something. Tomatoes freeze really well.  I put a tray in my freezer, washed the tomatoes, and set them (whole and uncut) on the tray until they froze, and then put them in freezer bags.  When I was ready to can them, I pulled them out and let them defrost in a bowl.  To my surprise, the skins came off in a heap - no work at all!

Now, tomatoes frozen this way can only be used in sauce or soup, because freezing changes the texture of the fruit, but how nice to know your tomatoes are all ripe and ready to go....with no stress!

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