Monday, May 6, 2013

Changing Your Diet Series: Eggs

I went camping this past weekend with my son and his cub scout pack.  Cub scouts are not known for providing healthy food on their camp outs, but at least ours does eggs and bacon to go along with the obligatory frosted cereals.

On Sunday, they ran out of eggs and I offered up a half dozen I had brought with me, since I was avoiding grains and sugars and wanted to make sure I had something I could eat if the cereal became the main event.  They cooked them last, and I found it interesting that they were commenting on the bright yellow color of the yolks compared to the other eggs they had cooked that morning.

A real egg!
Factory farmed eggs are a pale imitation of the real thing, which has a deep orange-yellow color with a strong yolk that resists breaking in the pan.  Farm eggs from free-range chickens make the best poached or fried eggs...they hold their shape and have much better flavor.  Don't be fooled by the package - if the color of the yolk is pale, they aren't pastured eggs.

Along with the color and texture comes increased nutrition.  Pastured eggs have more beta carotene, Vitamins A and E, and double the Omega 3 of factory farmed eggs,  as well as less cholesterol and saturated fat.  They are an all-around better food choice - worth the extra money!

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