Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

"Food System" is an intimidating term.  It seems to encompass all the things we don't understand about how our food is produced and distributed.  I've read some pretty in-depth treatises on the subject, some of which I've read a few paragraphs and ditched.  I think the writers have missed the point.  Rather than trying to "fix" the food system, why don't we just do what we know works?

Independence.  If we grow our own food, save seed to plant again, eat what we've grown and compost the leavings we are a complete food system of one.  A closed circle, needing no inputs, allowing no one else a say in controlling our food supply.

So...here is my short list of things to do to create, not fix, our food system:

1.  Plant a fruit tree.  A gift that keeps on giving.  Give your neighbor one too so they won't steal your peaches!

2. Plant asparagus.  It's perennial, so you only have to plant it once.  Just make sure you remember where you planted it after you cut the ferny tops off in the late fall.

3.  Plant herbs.  They are so easy to grow and can be so expensive to purchase.  Rosemary is a particularly nice landscaping plant since it's evergreen in Texas.

4.  Compost.  Think how much money you'll save not buying soil each time you need to punch up your garden!  Not to mention cutting your trash output.

5.  Find out where the pecan trees are in your neighborhood, and keep an eye on them.  I only know a few who actually collect the nuts - many would be glad to have someone else do it.

6.  Learn how to can so that when your garden gives you an abundance, you can save it for later.  Best of all - you can still gift it to someone when it's in a jar :-)

Something to think about.  If we picture our food system as simple and small, it will be easier to see where we fit into it.

Happy Independence Day!

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