Saturday, May 26, 2012

Buy Local!

We went up to Mckinney today and stopped by the Local Yocal just off the square to say hi to Matt and Heather Hamilton and buy a brisket.  I love this place!  I just wish it were closer to me.  They have a butcher shop and sell their own grass fed meat - Genesis Beef.  I also saw a good selection of organic produce, honey and other locally produced foods, and local organic milk, eggs, yogurt, and cheese.  I noticed the pastured chicken - I usually get mine from a farmer in Krum but it's nice to know they have it available too!  They actually have enough of a selection that you could probably get by using their shop as your grocery store.

What I really liked is that Matt was in the middle of a class when I went in - a steak class, and the guys were having a great time.  After a talk, and a visit to the cutting room, they took different cuts and cooked them out front - some on a gas grill, some on a charcoal barbecue.  The aroma wafting down to the square had a lot of folks wandering down to find out who was cooking.  I'm going to sign my husband up for this class for Fathers Day.  He's a great cook, but this is one of those testosterone guy things and I know he'll have a great time. 

My brisket's in the crock pot...

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