Monday, December 19, 2011

Simple Cleaning Products

When I think about a "sustainable" lifestyle, one of the first things that comes to mind is cleaning products.  The companies that make household cleaning products would have you believe you need a special product targeted for each job...window cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, tub and tile cleaner - the list goes on and on.  Who wants all those bottles under the sink?  And what if you accidentally mix them?  I have this vision of green chloride gas coming from the drain in my tub that I think came from a cartoon I read years ago, but the real point is that I don't want to use cleaning products that require me to read instructions before use.  Or that scare me.

One of products I've become enamored with is baking soda.  This stuff really is magic.  We've all been brainwashed by those scrubbing bubbles on television to think that we need something "better", (read "more expensive") to clean our homes and do the amazing things that baking soda does. Here are just a few uses I've found:

Toothpaste - make a paste with water and brush gently.  Or for the lazy brusher (me), just pour a bit on your brush and wet it).

Deoderant - no chemicals here!  Just pat some on your underarms after a shower.

Facial Scrub - the same paste you use on your teeth goes on your face as well. 

Toilet Cleaner - the original scrubbing bubbles!  Use baking soda and white vinegar, then swish with a brush.  Your kids will love to clean the bathroom for you!

Kitchen Scrub - fantastic for getting out tea and coffee stains from your favorite coffee mugs.  I have a jar with baking soda and a little lemongrass oil that I use for the sink...makes everything sparkly and it smells wonderful!

Carpet freshener - sprinkle over your carpet and let sit for an hour, then vacuum. 

 I bought a box in the grocery store for 69 cents today - what have you got to lose?  Think of the money you'll save and all the space you'll free up under the sink....

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