Friday, November 25, 2011

"Real Food" Deserts?

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in south Florida.  There are a lot of people living down there, and a lot of grocery stores.  However, the stores didn't have much variety.  Publix is on every corner, and there is an occasional Winn-Dixie, and a few Whole Foods. There are apparently five Whole Foods stores in the West Palm Beach / Lake Worth area, but they are by no means mainstream.  It was challenging to feel cut off from what I call "real food".

I'm sure some of my difficulty stemmed from just not being familiar with the area.  I know that Publix has a "green" store they have rolled out, although I've not seen it, but I'm actually thinking that my expectations have changed.  I currently buy my raw milk and eggs from a dairy farm, where I also purchase grass fed lamb and pastured poultry.  I belong to a CSA that provides me with organically grown produce, and I try to get to the farmers market as often as I need to.  Whole Foods is a place to buy milk (when I run out), bread (organic is not easy to find in a conventional grocery store), and fruit.  I'm spoiled.  I don't have to read the labels anymore, and I find that when I have to use a grocery store, it takes me forever to shop because those pesky labels are crying out to be read.  Twenty-five ingredients?  Forget it.  I no longer trust the food.

That is the crux of it for me.  I no longer trust the foodWhen our government allows undocumented additives in our food, how can I trust it?  If I don't know the rancher or farmer, everything is suspect, because many take the easy way out. 

The next time I travel, I will be spending more time beforehand researching farms and availability to ensure that I can maintain what I consider to be a healthy diet.  Right now, I'm in detox for a week or so.

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